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Trusted & Serving the Inland Empire since 2005

Empire Jewelry & Loan, Inc. offers a variety of convenient financial services and large selection of jewelry, electronics and tools.

Our Locations

Main Store
24571 Sunnymead blvd
Moreno Valley CA 92553
lic # 3300-0972
Monday – Friday 9-6 pm
sat-sun 9-4 pm

Mission Blvd Store
5547 Mission blvd
Riverside California 92509
Lic # 3300-0951
Monday – Sat 9am – 5pm
Sunday closed

Alessandro Blvd Store
22590 Alessandro Blvd
Moreno Valley CA 92553
lic # 3300-0963
monday- sat 9-5 pm

Our Staff

Our staff members are not considered employees, they are the blood of this company and they are considered family members.


How to get a loan at Empire Jewelry & Loan, INC.?

Just bring your identification card and your collateral (jewelry, diamonds, watches, electronics, tools and musical instruments) cash loans are based on the appraised loan value of your collateral. It’s just that simple.  

Are my items insured while they are in your care?

Yes, it is our responsibility to keep your items safe and in the same condition. All items in pawn are insured by a nationally recognized insurance company.

Are my items safely stored while in pawn?  

Yes, Empire takes special care to seal all of our customers precious valuables in individually wrapped and labeled. Your valuables are under constant 24 hours surveillance.

Can I make another loan with Empire if I already have a ticket?

Yes. Empire will make you as many loans as you need. Each transaction is considered a separate loan and will be due based on the date which each loan was made.

How long are your loans good for?

All our loans are good for four months and 10 days.

What if I need more than four months?

If you are unable to repay your loan in full on its due date, you may pay for a renewal. You only pay for the accrued interest and a new loan is written. The principal amount and the interest rate stays the same for new loan.

Can I pay down my loan?

Yes, we would be happy to accept part of your original loan back when you’re paying off your interest. This will help to reduce the amount of interest due on the next payment. Note: you can only reduce your loan when paying your interest in full.

What if I pay my loan before it is due?

Any loan redeemed before its due date is charged only for the time used. Remember, each month is billed fully as it begins. If you redeem your item within the first 30 days, you will only pay one month.

What happens if I am late making my payment?

Empire tries very hard to give our customers sufficient time to pay the amounts due but is very important for you to communicate with us. If you past your four months and ten days grace period and you still want your items please call us to find out if we still have them.

Can I lose my pawned items?

Over 95% of our customers repay and redeem their loans. If a customer chooses not to repay the loan it will be forfeited and the customer has no further obligation to the loan contract.

Have more questions? We would love to answer any question to you just give us a call


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